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Stalemate in Washington D.C.

The gov­ern­ment shut down at mid­night East­ern Stan­dard Time last Mon­day. Its back­drop was a stale­mate, which con­tin­ues, between the exec­u­tive branch, Pres­i­dent Obama, and the leg­isla­tive branches, the Republican-controlled House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and the Democratic-controlled Sen­ate, over a fund­ing bill. Gov­ern­ment shut­downs are few and far between, the last one occur­ring in Novem­ber 1996. One

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Closed for Business

The Month in Review: September 2013

Despite the U.S. Fed­eral Reserve’s deci­sion to not taper monthly bond and mort­gage pur­chases and the prospects of a fed­eral gov­ern­ment shut­down, most asset classes ral­lied in Sep­tem­ber. To the sur­prise of many pes­simists, mar­kets recov­ered much of their losses in August. Over­all, Inter­na­tional Stocks1 per­formed best (7.39%), fol­lowed by Small Cap Stocks2 (6.38%), Real

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It’s Been Five Years Since the Financial Crisis. Have Banks Learned Their Lesson?

Sep­tem­ber 14th was the fifth anniver­sary of Lehman Broth­ers’ bank­ruptcy, an event sym­bolic of the 2008 finan­cial cri­sis. Dur­ing that same week­end AIG received an $80 bil­lion invest­ment and life­line from U.S. tax­pay­ers, and Bank of Amer­ica bought strug­gling Mer­rill Lynch. Scores of reports, stud­ies, and uni­ver­sity papers have inves­ti­gated the events lead­ing up to

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If Squirrels Were Our Only Problem

In 1987, a squir­rel caused a power fail­ure in Trum­bull, Con­necti­cut that shut down the NASDAQ for 82 min­utes. In 1994, another squir­rel caused an elec­tri­cal power issue that led to a 34-minute inter­rup­tion. If only squir­rels were the sole issue con­fronting the oper­a­tions of major stock exchanges, and the ser­vices they pro­vide investors in

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The Prosperity Track: A New Book by Integress Principal James Peters

This week, James began rolling out his new book The Pros­per­ity Track. We’re reach­ing out to clients, fam­ily and friends, and asso­ciates for feed­back and com­ments about the cur­rent run of the man­u­script and mes­sage. In Sep­tem­ber, we will launch the book in and around the Las Vegas Val­ley, where James will dis­cuss the book

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Has Your Portfolio Suffered From Diworsification?

Port­fo­lio man­agers, finan­cial advi­sors, and researchers have long touted the ben­e­fits of a diver­si­fied invest­ment port­fo­lio. His­tory shows hold­ing a bas­ket of invest­ments that typ­i­cally per­form dif­fer­ently dur­ing the mar­ket cycle decreases volatil­ity of returns. Stated dif­fer­ently, it is to your ben­e­fit not to put all of your eggs in one bas­ket. Despite the opinions

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The Summer Is Almost Over

Stu­dents in some parts of the coun­try go back to school this week. Here in Nevada, they return in less than two weeks. The sum­mer has been hot, serv­ing as a reminder of how much we look for­ward to the cooler days of fall. Trad­ing desks in New York and else­where in the U.S. and

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How Low Can We Go?

In our August 2013 newslet­ter, we had a pos­i­tive bias towards U.S. Equi­ties and Inter­na­tional Devel­oped Equi­ties, Con­vert­ible Bonds, and Energy; how­ever, we had a neg­a­tive bias towards Inter­na­tional Emerg­ing and Fron­tier Equi­ties, Gov­ern­ment Bonds, Invest­ment and Inter­me­di­ate Invest­ment Grade Cor­po­rate Bonds, Cur­ren­cies, and other Com­modi­ties. Drilling down into the Asset Allo­ca­tion Dash­board (“AAD”), we

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The Month in Review: July 2013

Solid cor­po­rate earn­ings and pos­i­tive eco­nomic data helped stocks move higher in July. The S&P 500 has recorded pos­i­tive returns eight out of the last nine months. Although stocks had their sec­ond high­est monthly return this year, bonds ended their two-month decline and were rel­a­tively flat in July. Bonds have pro­duced pos­i­tive monthly returns five

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Protecting Yourself From Your Emotions

“Buy high. Sell low.” Behav­ioral finance demon­strates repeat­edly, nearly with­out learn­ing lessons of the past, that many retail investors ride the emo­tional roller coaster pic­tured in the illus­tra­tion above. In doing so, such investors typ­i­cally hold los­ing or unprof­itable posi­tions in secu­ri­ties too long and sell their win­ning or prof­itable posi­tions too soon. She­frin and Statman

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